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Team Resources

Dominican Republic teams


If you would like to see the current team schedule for the Dominican Republic, please email Moises Sifren by clicking this link:  Moises Sifren

For dosing of the de-worming medication, Piperazine, click this link: Piperazine

For how to mix the sulfur cream used for scabies, fungal and bacterial skin infections, please click this link:  Sulfur Cream

For basic team information, please click this link:  Team Information

Any specific trip information can be requested from Moises Sifren. 

International Ministries Resources

Did you know that if you register your missions trip with International Ministries you can receive free travel insurance?  If you'd like to register your team or find out more information about what this means, please email Sandra Dorsainvil at the Volunteer Services department in International Ministries.  They will also have information about volunteer projects for individuals or groups.

For information about current volunteer positions that are available, please click on the following link:  Volunteers

General Medical Team Information


This section will contain information specifically for medical teams.  A lot of this is information that teams I have worked with in the Dominican Republic have asked me to share.  If there is specific information that you would like included in this section, please email me to let me know what information you would like to see included here.


Sulfur Cream recipe


Piperazine (deworming liquid medicine) dosing


Where There Is No Doctor online link


How to register your team with International Ministries

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