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Here are the ways to donate:


Direct mail:  1003 W 9th Ave., Ste. A, King Of Prussia PA 19406-1210

Through your American Baptist church as 1)Designated gift 

2)World Missions Offering designated 

3)United Giving and/or

4)Specifics gift



Since taking on this new role in December 2012, I (Kristy) have frequently been asked if I am still considered a missionary or if I am now a staff member at International Ministries.  Let me be very clear that I am still a missionary and still required to raise my budgeted support funds as well as all of my funds needed for travel.  When needs for equipment, training, personnel or supplies are requested, then I also need to have funds available to help partners overseas meet these needs.  I have specific project accounts that I also raise money for so that these requests can be met.

I am always in need of further donors who are willing to make monthly, quarterly or yearly regular gifts.  If you are willing to be one of my committed donors, please contact International Ministries online or by phone to begin supporting this ministry on a regular basis. If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to contact me personally.

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