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Which countries are you most interested in working alongside Kristy in ministry?


Do you know of areas where you would like to connect Kristy to a ministry that your church is involved with?


Please contact Kristy with any information that you think might be useful.



Kristy is a pediatric nurse practitioner with a special interest in nutrition issues facing children.  After 12 years of working in La Romana, Dominican Republic with medical mission teams, she is currently the Global Consultant for Health.  Her role is to help bring medical relief to resource poor areas throughout the world by building relationships and providing care in clinics, during natural disasters and with program development. 

Kristy continues to bring hope to those in the most critical health care situations where our partners in ministry serve in the world.


To be able to serve all of these countries at once, Kristy is located in Atlanta, Georgia so that she has access to a large airport and can travel quickly as needed.

Currently, Kristy has worked with projects in India, Bolivia, Haiti, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Myanmar, Liberia and Bangladesh as well as visiting partners in Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.  She has recently visited partners in South Africa, Cambodia, Hungary and Bulgaria.

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